View at Carleton from the Rookeries by Pontefract, Yorkshire Landscape


Rookeries by Pontefract it is a small woodland elevated above the village of Carleton. It has been a nesting place of birds for as long as we can remember.

Rhia likes to walk Harvey there as often as possible; however, she has to be very careful with dogs running freely there. First of all, these can be dangerous in general, but Harvey has got a doggy problem in particular because he is afraid of other dogs.

One day in springtime, walking Harvey in the Rookeries, Rhia caught sight of the fantastic view of the village of Carleton. Mostly she liked the yellow fields behind the town. It was an awe-inspiring scenery in her eyes. Unfortunately, she left her camera at home.

This is why a few days later, she came back to probably the same spot. Probably, because it is not easy to find precisely the same place again. Regrettably, the light wasn't the same as a few days ago, so her painting is partly what she photographed and partly what she remembered from the other day. 

Rhia likes the green grass in front, the yellow fields behind and the tiny houses with an abundant tree landscape in the middle of the artwork.

She has painted using coloured pencils and acrylic paints. The mixed media painting is mounted (US: matted) in two mats; the first mat is creme in colour. On top of it is the second mat and its colour is greenish-neutral grey.

Materials: Bristol paper, professional-grade colour pencils "Polychromos" by Faber-Castell, acrylic paints professional-quality, varnish

Style: realism inspired by impressionism

Size: 50 x 40 x 0.35 cm mounted in two mats and it will fit in regular frames/ 32 x 22 cm painting size 

The artwork is not framed.

The 2nd image shows you the artwork excluding the mounting mats, the 3rd - 5th images show you the artwork on different walls but without any frame.

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