Swaledale Wildflower Meadows North Yorkshire Landscape


Swaledale Wildflower Meadows Painting is an original artwork revealing the ravishing North Yorkshire landscape.

Sunny day in Swaledale depicts a grassland scenery with wildflowers, stone walls, and trees. It is a pastoral view from North Yorkshire.

This beautifully painted artwork features meadows in a bold golden-green colour palette, and it will evoke memories of a morning walk in summer. The painting is bathing in an attractive glow that would illuminate any space in your home.

Rhia created the painting with iridescent and interference paints, and it changes a little, in an enchanting way, as the light source shifts.

Materials: Hahnemuele acid-free, age-resistant, heavy paper, professional-grade acrylic paints, varnish to protect the work

Style: realism influenced by impressionism

Size: 40 x 30 x 0.35 cm mounted in a mat and fitting in regular frames/ 32 x 24 cm painting size

The artwork is not framed.

The second image gives you an idea of what the painting may look like in a frame and on a wall.

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