Original Tree Painting on Canvas of a Cherry Tree


In Tree-Heaven - Not on Earth (RIP Cherry Tree) is an original tree painting on canvas.

It is a portrait of a beautiful tree that was "killed" in June 2019 in Pontefract. The title indicates that there is no heaven for trees on earth. Rhia's wish is to plant more trees, not "kill" the few trees we still have. Yes, few! The UK is almost empty of trees!

This is a second painting dedicated to this particular tree—the whole story about the tree and some more information you will find in Rhia's blog.

Materials: Belgian linen canvas, four coats of primer, professional-grade acrylic paints, three coats of varnish to protect the artwork

Size: 50 x 65 x 2 cm

Style: impressionistic with a touch of surrealism

The painting is unframed, but it is ready to hang through a sawtooth bracket attached to the wooden stretcher bars on the canvas' backside.

The sides of the stretched canvas are clean and painted white. You can display the painting with or without a frame.

The second and third photographs show you how the painting might look in a frame and hung on the walls in different settings. 

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