Original Miniature Painting, Bonny Portmore - Ornamental Tree


Bonny Portmore - Ornamental Tree is an original miniature painting, also called "Plant More Trees #2." 

The tiny artwork can make a wonderful gift for any tree lover.

"Bonny Portmore" is a folk song from Ireland - an elegy for perished forests and trees.

"O bonny Portmore,

You shine where you stand,

And the more I think on you,

The more I think long...

...All the birds in the forest

They bitterly weep,

Saying, 'Where shall we shelter,

Or where shall we sleep?"

There is also a beautiful piece by Loreena McKennitt called "Bonny Portmore", which is based on this traditional song. By the way, Rhia loves Loreena McKennitt's blissful and outstanding music. 

Rhia has painted on a 7 x 10 cm illustration board and fixed the miniature painting on top of a mounting board. It makes now the size 18 x 13 cm, and it will fit in standard frames.

Materials: illustration board, Indian ink, professional-grade acrylic paints in gold and blue, varnish

Style: ornamental abstract, organic

Size: 7 x 10 cm on mounting mat 18 x 13 cm

The artwork is not framed.

The second image shows you an example of how the artwork in a frame and hung on a wall can be displayed.

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