Landscape Close to Skipton, River Wharfe, in Yorkshire Dales paintings for sale


Rhia is one of North Yorkshire artists who paint Yorkshire landscapes, and here you will find some of her original artworks in Yorkshire Dales paintings for sale.

Landscape Close to Skipton, River Wharfe, in Yorkshire Dales - Rhia visited this peaceful place once, but she wishes to see it again and again. It is so simple, tranquil, but impressive spot, and she fell in love with it. And what can you do when you love something? "You just paint it," says the artist.

An expanse of clear sky, blue reflections in the serene appearing river, houses and a small forest of leafless trees on top of the green hills describe this piece.

Rhia has painted in bokeh technique on high-quality linen canvas. The canvas is secured to the stretcher bars by staples on the backside and nails on its sides. It is gallery wrapped. It means the sides are continuously painted around, the nails are painted over, and the artwork is ready to hang like it is. Or you can frame it. It is up to you.

Materials: linen canvas gallery wrap with staples on the back and nails on the sides of the stretcher bars, professional-grade acrylic paints, varnish

Style: impressionistic

Size: 46 x 27 x 2 cm

The artwork is not framed.

The second photo shows you the artwork on a wall and in a room.

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