The Beauty Of The Isle Of Skye, original painting


The Beauty Of The Isle Of Skye cannot be described and cannot be painted. So this painting is just a try...

Room refreshing art will invigorate every wall.

The colours of this particular painting are challenging to photograph. It is often difficult to get blue colours photographed in the absolute correct shades and nuances.

This photo you see on your screen right now is pretty close to the look of the painting; however, the colours in the left corner are maybe slightly more glowing and intense: very light pinkish, and some to the right of it are very light yellowish with a touch of yellow ochre.

The sky does have the most beautiful and fresh light blue colour imaginable, and the mountains show the same colour but are a smidgen darker. The hills are bluish, and the sea is greenish. Some of the mountaintops to the right do have very light purples too.

In front of the farthest elevations are darker blue hills. This is a stunning blue, somewhat darker and more intense than the mountains in the distance. You see some greens and reddish yellows in front of the blue hills, which run into the ragged seashore's darker browns.

You can also observe some sandy places between the stones of the shoreline.

The sea itself is greenish-bluish-teal-turquoise. A beautiful colour! In the right, lower corner, you'll find some pinkish purples.

The high-quality canvas is professionally stretched medium grain linen. It is primed four times, painted with high quality, professional-grade acrylics and varnished with three varnish coats to protect the artwork.

Although the sides of the gallery wrapped canvas are painted with the colours of the painting, and the artwork is ready to hang, Rhia still recommends framing it. 

Materials: linen canvas gallery wrap, professional-grade acrylic paints, varnish

Style: impressionistic

Size: 61 x 46 x 1.9 cm

The painting is unframed, but it is ready to hang through a sawtooth bracket attached to the wooden stretcher bars on the canvas' backside.

The second photograph shows you how the Isle Of Skye painting might look on a wall. 

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