Giclee Print of Green Acrylic Painting, Abstract British Landscapes #6


Abstract British Landscapes #6 is a giclee print of a green acrylic painting by Rhia Janta-Cooper. It is reproduced on Hahnemühle German Etching, a special printing paper.

For her prints, Rhia uses heavyweight paper, Hahnemühle German Etching, with a strong mottled texture which allows it to hold more ink and capture the light. This outstanding paper creates high contrast prints with vibrant colours, and it gives an art reproduction a handmade crafted feel. 

There is a white margin around the printed image so that the print of the artwork is slightly smaller. It gives you some area where you can easily hold the reproduction without causing any blemish to the product, and it is also a preparation for a mat. It makes the matting process easier in positioning the print behind a mat. 

Paper size: 42.5 x 35.1 cm, minus margin of 2 cm, print size: 38.5 x 31.1 cm

More information about this painting you'll find in Rhia's blog.

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