Botanical Study Grape Hyacinths and Primrose, yellow and blue spring flowers


Grape Hyacinths and Primrose, yellow and blue spring flowers, a botanical study is an original mixed media drawing/painting.

This floral artwork is dedicated to spring flowers. Rhia loves primroses for their yellowish beauty, and she loves grape hyacinths for their shape and excellent blue colour. These particular features of the flowers inspired her to paint and draw that outstanding springtime artwork.

Materials: Stonehenge vellum finish, 250 gsm sheet of paper, professional-grade coloured pencils and acrylic paints, varnish
Style: realism
Size: 23 x 30 x 0.1 cm
The artwork is not framed.

The second and third photographs show you how the drawing can look in a frame and hung on a wall.

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