Reflections on Rhia's Art

Rhia Janta-Cooper is a contemporary realist artist who creates awe-inspiring paintings and colored pencil drawings. Her art exudes feelings of serenity and renewal. Breathtaking expressions of landscapes and wildlife soothe and restore us. Among her most compelling works of art are those in which she pays homage to various regions of the U.K., where she resides.


The artist transports us to an immersive multi-sensory experience filled with harmonious and poetic interludes. We traverse winding passageways, undulating green hills and mountains, under crystal clear skies. We sense the soft breezes that waft across the expansive and far-reaching fields. We are caressed by the gentle quietude and the warmth that radiates from the sundrenched panoramic vistas.


Rhia possesses an innate attention to detail although she embarks on a course that transcends reality. Her touches of surrealism and abstraction illuminate the spirit within her subjects and evoke a positive visceral response that lingers.


Through her art, Rhia invites us to experience the life-affirming beauty of the natural world and reminds us to pause, observe, and reconnect with the spiritual realm of its existence. She conveys an abundance of hope, peace, and bliss and provides a heart-filled healing modality we need now more than ever.


Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY