Feel Better in Your Home or Office with Nature Themed Art

Nature is all that we have

This is why my artistic creations show you the electrifying enchantment of the natural world in paintings or drawings.

We take our natural world for granted

On the other hand, I want to make you aware of the alluring beauty surrounding you. And it is why I paint nature and share its good vibes with you.

Uplifting art improves your way of life

My art restyles your home for the better, and it is a source of pleasure and inspiration for the viewers. Artworks about nature and radiating positive energy art boost your well-being.

Do you love the outdoors?

Would you like to create a soothing atmosphere in your place?

Do you want to connect with nature and reduce stress?

Research shows that even looking at images of nature enhances brain function and elevates your mood. So take your time and enjoy the look of natural scenes on your walls.

Are you trying to find meaningful gifts for your loved ones?

Here you get great gift ideas with a personal touch of calming art. Art that brightens rooms and brings a fresh and relaxing look for all: 

  • nature lovers
  • bird lovers
  • tree lovers
  • flower enthusiasts
  • and everybody who loves the open-air countryside

Customer Reviews

Do you like my art? Thank you. You are not alone. I have copied and pasted only a few voices of art-collectors from my sellings in the past (see my profile mariac4595 on eBay):

  • "Beautiful painting. I hope to go & see Scotland (very soon)."
  • "Excellent quality work. Fast shipment. Complete satisfaction."
  • "Another winner from a great artist - thanks!"
  • "Excellent artist and seller! I just love this artwork. Very nicely done!"
  • "Great detail, very nice work, an incredible artist and a lovely person to deal with."

For newer reviews, visit my blog page.

I package my artworks personally and with the utmost care, the transactions on this website are secure (powered by Shopify), and I accept returns with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Buy my art with confidence in safety and security.

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Meet the Artist

Naturalist Rhia Janta-Cooper is a bestselling, professional, contemporary realism artist based in Yorkshire, UK. In her tiny studio, she creates her visions of colourful panoramas depicting Scotland views, Northumberland scenery, the countryside of Wales, or Yorkshire vistas. In short, most of her paintings or drawings are English rural, grassy green, pastoral landscapes.

Some of her pure studies of nature also depict birds and other animals, and some are paintings or drawings of flowers, plants, trees and representations of human faces.

However, this is not all. The artist also creates artworks in natural settings where she lived in her past. It could be a Hawaiian seascape, Nicaraguan sunset, Costa Rican view, Kentuckian fields or golf courses, or locations in Maryland, Germany, Poland, and many more.

Her artworks are in private collections around the world.

She lives with her husband and a Border collie called Harvey (or sometimes Hatchi) in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. 

In my studio, Harvey, the most important part of the team.

More About Me?

OK, but just a little bit, OK?

All roads lead to ... HOME!
For example, I walk Harvey and follow a road for an hour without leaving it to the right or the left. You would expect that going back I will need an hour to reach my place.
Not in Pontefract.
Going back, I will reach my home in five minutes.
Because we were walking in circles! Actually, in a big circle.

The truth is, Harvey walks me, and we tend to visit tiny woodlands in Pontefract. Although these are truly tiny, consisting of six to ten trees, they are scattered through the town, and we enjoy them immensely. Harvey because he sniffs and pees on the tree trunks and I not because of this above but because of this below (see the shade part further down).

We greet all the trees and give them good vibes wishing them to stay as healthy and beautiful as they are. In Summer we enjoy them even more because they spend us a wonderful well-desired shade.

Why desired shade?
In the meantime, I love to be in the shade. But, as I was a teenager and a few years plus, I preferred full sunshine. The ultimate goal was getting tanned skin. Was I successful? Not a bit! My skin stayed on the opposite of tan. Even living in Hawaii for more than a year and another year in Costa Rica hasn't changed the situation.

Anyway, as I was visiting Scotland for four weeks, I needed doctor's treatment in the middle of the holidays because of sun allergy.
Sun allergy?
Yes, Scotland can be very sunny, and in Highlands, there are not many shade spending trees.

Having a sun allergy isn't fun. Your skin is irritated; you feel irritated too. But in my case, the medication helped instantly. Nevertheless, the last two weeks of the holidays were somewhat subdued because I was trying to avoid direct sunshine, which can be a challenge in northern Scotland.

I have an idea! An umbrella might be helpful! I remember lots of Japanese ladies from Hawaii walking under umbrellas. (There are many Japanese in Hawaii today, and lot's of hotels are owned by Japanese too.)

So next time I visit the Highlands (May,2022), I mustn't forget my "sunscreen" - an umbrella also called a parasol! It can be used as a screen against rain too; just in case, the weather will change to the usual type for Scotland.

In reality? I'm not particularly eager to use an umbrella. So I stay wet in the rain and Singing In The Rain is famously funny and try to protect my skin in other ways against the sun rays.

Anyway, the sun allergy situation is somewhat better now. But, as I am less sensitive to the sun, the dream of suntanned me will stay a fantasy—a forever dream. ;-)

Oh, by the way, Peter (the best husband of all!) and Harvey sing every day for me, "Rhia, Breakfast is ready!" They do it in German because Harvey understands English, and the word "Breakfast" in particular causes some excitement to him. So they sing it, and I howl. All of it is done to the tune of "Jingle Bells." Hopefully, our neighbours are still sane...

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