Artworks finished in the year 2018

Artworks finished in the year 2018

Artworks finished in the year 2018 by Rhia Janta-Cooper. Here you find art created for everybody to enjoy it. Creating art as well as enjoying art is good for your brain, and it is part of our evolutionary process, says professor Kaimal, a researcher in art therapy from Drexel University.
What do you need to enjoy art? Just allow yourself to respond to the displayed art and allow the artwork to work on your senses and imagination.
Some artworks are created to be relaxing and/or entertaining. Some intend to bring particular emotions or moods to the viewer. 
Do not be intimidated by art.
Enjoy it!
You don't need to know things about art to enjoy it. In this case, the less you know, the better. Just let any artwork act on your senses and enjoy your interpretation of it. You may feel attraction to particular colours or shapes. The reactions can be manifold.
Just enjoy.


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