Isle of Skye, Scottish landscape, drawing by Rhia Janta-Cooper

What is So Spellbinding About Amazing Drawings? Discover New Seductive Works

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Today we can paint with coloured pencils. I mean, paint. Some artists use water-soluble coloured pencils for their watercolours. So, they "paint" practically their watercolours with pencils and water. This is one way of using this medium for a painterly result. But this is not what I do. I apply oil-based coloured pencils to my artworks.

Are drawings less worthy than "proper" paintings? No, not at all. These are just different types of artworks. Like watercolours, acrylic paintings, oil artworks, etc. drawings are part of our artistic lives. In any case, an artist can apply oil-based coloured pencils with solvents for a painterly outcome.

There are also wax-based artists' quality, coloured pencils. I do not use these because of possible wax bloom. With the time, the wax binder evaporates from the surface of an artwork and leaves a sort of waxy film, which can be easily removed by wiping it away. However, because of it, I prefer oil-based pencils over the 'waxy' ones.

Pencils as an artistic medium are one of the slowest media in general. Usually, it takes more time to finish a drawing than a painting.

For my amazing drawings, in sizes around 33 x 22 cm, I need at least 8 days, if not even 10 days. An acrylic painting of this size, I could finish in 5 days.

Why am I so "drawn" to drawings? :-) I always just loved to draw, almost all children do! But I probably loved it so much because of the most extensive range of creative expression. Through the flow of the line, a drawing displays artists' personality, and because of it, it shows the most personal of all artistic statements. Therefore, to draw inspires me so much. 

I loved it more than playing with watercolours. And with oils, I wasn't allowed even to look at, let alone to touch them! These were the untouchable, my mother's oils!

As a child, I dreamed of owning a set of 120 coloured pencils. As I was one child in the family, my parents often fulfilled my wishes, but not this one. This one was forbidden! I never understood why. Yes, these pencils were expensive, and anyway, I had enough pencils to play with.

It would appear that my family had other expenses to think about than buying such an expensive set. And it was quite OK. We all need dreams, and maybe we can fulfil these one day. So it happened to me too.

It stayed as a dream until I was around 55 years old. Finally, I could afford such an expense. Oh yes, professional-grade pencils are very expensive. Usually, you would buy such a set, or two or three distinct sets even, only when you are serious about using these pencils as an essential medium in your studio.

Two or three different sets of coloured pencils can cost you easily around £900.00. And yes, it makes sense to own different sets because of various qualities and colours. Yes, you can mix different pencil colours by layering various hues or shades on top of each other.

Applying solvent will help by mixing colours and it will create a look not dissimilar to a painting.

A burnishing technique, however, can also achieve this result.

Anyway, to own the "right" coloured pencil without lots of mixing is even better. Also because sometimes, all the blending will not work as well as you wish. There are many, many other reasons for owning a few sets of coloured pencils and I love all my sets absolutely!