Interview with the artist on art and nature at HocTok

Discover Art and Nature in a New Interview at HocTok

You can find the interview at HocTok.

And here is the introduction:

 Introduction to the interview with the artist Rhia Janta-Cooper

The interview about happiness in art and nature with me is right now on the first page. Later you may search their pages after Rhia Janta-Cooper, or use this link. There you will find the interview titled On Nature's Beauty & Balance | HocTok

In HocTok's words: "Rhia Janta-Cooper, a nature enthusiast devoted to art, shares her impressions on canvas, paper, and color. As a realist artist capturing the magic of her surroundings, she creates works that bring joy. ...

"Connecting with Rhia Janta-Cooper is a treat. She is talented, open, and a self-described happy person. ..."

Read more about happiness in art and nature on the HocTok pages; see the link above.

The title artwork.

Artworks close to nature