Painting Autumnal Tree by Rhia Janta-Cooper

3 Trees Planted for Each Sold Artwork or How to Plant Trees Using Ecologi and Trees For Life

I sell my paintings and drawings online for years now and recently I planted 3 trees for each of the last 51 artworks I sold.

153 New Trees! A small woodland :-)

Because nature inspires my artworks, and I love to share my love of nature through my art, I think it makes sense to plant trees and be part of “Saving The Environment” movement.

This project is running in collaboration with Ecologi and Trees For Life in Scotland (info about them — see below in the page).


Painting Defeating Gravity by Rhia Janta-Cooper

Defeating Gravity


The first group of 3 trees I planted for a collector who purchased my painting titled “Defeating Gravity”.

Besides planting trees with Ecologi, I also donate to Trees For Life and plant trees specifically in Scotland. 


 Painting The First Light of the Day by Rhia Janta-Cooper

The First Light of the Day

The second cluster of 3 trees I planted for a customer who bought a piece called “The First Light of the Day”.

I wanted to do something special for my collectors because I feel so blessed by them. I feel like I am doing a good job when I sell a painting, but I love being able to give back to people and to the environment, too.


Acrylic Painting sold title Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Walking in Thirsk


The third group of 3 trees I planted for a buyer who purchased a piece called “Walking in Thirsk”.


In honour of my customers, and because I value them very much, I want to make sure that my art collectors feel appreciated by my action of planting trees for the environment.


Painting The Memorable North Yorkshire Tree by Rhia Janta-Cooper

The Memorable North Yorkshire Tree


The fourth batch of 3 trees I planted for a collector who purchased my painting titled “The Memorable North Yorkshire Tree”.


I hope that my art collectors will enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying the outstanding works of art I sell.


Painting Red Trees Road in Falls of Rough

Red Trees Road in Falls of Rough


The last 141 trees I planted for the 47 original artworks I sold from 2019 until now.


Big thank you and appreciation to all collectors of my works.


What Will Happen In The Future?


For each sold artwork on my webpage, I will plant 4 trees, 3 with Ecologi and 1 in Scotland with Trees For Life.


I hope that this will inspire others to do the same too.


Howsoever, the more you buy from me, the more trees I’ll plant!


I’m going to use part of the money I make by selling my artworks to plant trees. This means that every time someone buys one of my paintings, drawings, or prints, I will plant 4 new trees. So far, I’ve planted over 153 trees with the help of my fans.


If you’re interested in helping me out, please consider buying an artwork. Every purchase helps me to keep planting more trees.


Photograph by Rhia Janta-Cooper

This is photograph of trees I see every day on my walks with Harvey


What are Ecologi and Trees For Life?


I have created this project in collaboration with Ecologi and Trees for Life.

I am using these organizations to help me with my commitment.


A group of environmentalists in Bristol in 2018 founded Ecologi, the webpage where people like you and I can help with the climate crisis. And they are making it easy for us. Thank you for that very much, dear Ecologi!


Another place I support is Trees For Life, a registered Scottish charity. They plan to “rewild” the Scottish Highlands. They run several projects like returning red squirrels and lynx to Scotland – [I actually once have seen a wild lynx there (or was it a huge wild cat?)] - recovery of Caledonian pinewoods, and planting new trees.


Here is my footprint in Ecologi and Trees For Life


 Painting In Tree Heaven by Rhia Janta-Cooper

In Tree Heaven - Cherry Tree


Do Trees Play an Important Role in my Art?


Yes, of course! I have a personal relationship with trees and love to portrait them in my paintings or drawings. Yes, portrait, because I call my such depictions “Portraits of Trees.” Trees are individuals as any living thing is and when you call a human or pet portrait - A Portrait - you also can call a picture of a tree A Portraiture of it. At least, I think so.

For me, a tree is much more than a part of a landscape. For me, a tree is part of life. So everywhere where I go, I admire every tree I see. In case I have a camera with me, I also photograph every tree! :) Thank goodness we have now the digital photography. With film this would be difficult (Oh yes, I remember the 64 images per film! Film full - you need to replace the old with a new one, store the used film and send to a developer to receive printed photographs!).

An important component of natural landscapes are trees, and learning to paint them is essential for a realist artist. Because trees have a complex appearance and are possibly difficult to depict on canvas or paper, an artist must work with total concentration and exquisite craftsmanship.

For generations, trees represented powerful symbols of life, knowledge, and holiness in paintings and other works of art. In addition, they have also been graphic symbols of growth, seasonal death, and revival.


So, as you see, trees are deeply rooted in my art as well as in artworks of artists throughout the history.


Painting Cri de Coeur by Rhia Janta-Cooper

Cri de Coeur


The Magical Power of Trees in Art


Artists have a long love affair with trees, and it is fascinating to dive into the abundance of tree art. Artists use trees to explore and reinvent folklore and mythology, make relevant comments on our connection or disconnection from nature, and apply trees as powerful symbols in their art. There are unlimited possibilities to depict trees in art, from figures stretching their branches across the landscape to abstract works and more.


Trees stretch their branches in many artworks of street trees, woods, parks, forests or rainforests. We depict them worldwide in paintings and drawings in many variations and at all stages of their growth. Often we create a quintessential and eerie atmosphere in art and so we will do in the future. I hope.


I wish you pure enjoyment by exploring works of art based on nature and foremost based on trees.


And do not forget!

Plant More Trees!