Art and Reflections on Paintings and Drawings

Rhia Janta-Cooper
Many famous artists such as Van Gogh and Monet celebrated nature in their works. The intricate beauty of our natural world has inspired many artists, be it the colours of a sunset or the geometry of a pine cone. Likewise, nature offers endless inspiration to artists when they bring life into their paintings through observing and implementing the experience of the physical world, such as plants, animals or landscapes.
Rhia Janta-Cooper

Here are other testimonials from art collectors I received for my paintings or drawings in recent years.

These are five-star reviews my customers gave me for my communication with them, delivery, packaging and listing accuracy.

Rhia Janta-Cooper

Which image from my mental pictures wins to be painted right now? 

The story of lost photographs.

In the meantime, after 2004, I have collected a new library of, this time digital, photographs. Now I managed to take these always with me...

What happens after I decided which photographs are going to be relevant to my next artwork?

Rhia Janta-Cooper
An admiring customer testimony, an art collector from Georgia is cherishing my serene landscapes: "Rural Scene," an Abstract British Landscape and "Walking in Thirsk."

I have sold this painting together with another one, to Georgia, USA.

Actually, I received a pleasant surprise...
This painting was somewhat remarkable. It went to a competition ... popular vote, which actually meant a lot more to me.